Giving back in an important part of life, and if you've ever been involved in the car community, you know that pretty much every event is about giving back. There is nothing different our short life, Gas Tachs has and will be involved with many different charitable events throughout the year. This page will highlight, the different communities that the Gas Tachs community has helped through the support of your generous donations!

Comer Children's Hospital - Chicago

This April, Wookies in the Woods 2020, was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19. The cancellation, while understandable and necessary, was devastating because at Wookies in the Woods 2019, over $26,000 was raised for the Blount County Rescue Squad in Alcoa, TN and Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago.

As WITW 2020 was going to be my first gathering, I decided to make a commemorative giveaway bottle opener with the WITW and GT logo's. However, as I could no longer give them away, I decided to turn this negative into a positive and ship these bottle openers out for free to people that signed up on my website.

I also asked that, if people had a few bucks to spare, they could make a donation to help cover my unknown shipping cost. I pledged that any proceeds over my shipping cost would be donated to Comer's Children Hospital.  

To my amazement the WITW community were able to raise $670 for Comer's! I will personally thank each and everyone of you when we meet next year!

Epilepsy Foundation of America

Living in Chicago, you really appreciate the short summers we have. The car community is no different, and every weekend there are multiple rally's to choose from!

Last summer I attended a day rally, organized by a local car enthusiast, called Rally 150. During this event, the Rally 150 community were able to to raise over $1000 for the Epilepsy Foundation of America