CLASS - Sidecar Motorcycle (1 of 27)

COLOR - Larch Green

ENGINE POWER - 41hp @ 5500 rpm

ENGINE TORQUE - 42 ft-lbs @ 4300 rpm


ENGINE CONFIGURATION - Four Stroke, Twin Flat Boxer Cylinders, OHV, 2 Valves Per cylinder

DRIVETRAIN - 1x3 or 2x3 Shaft

TRANSMISSION - 4 Speed Manual

CURB WEIGHT - 739 lbs

WIDTH - 66.9"

HEIGHT - 43.3"

LENGTH - 101.6"


STATUS - Owned

While researching the Triumph, I stumbled across the Ural and put it on my list for a dual-sport bike, despite not being sporty and should rather be categorized as a truck on 3 wheels. Ultimately the Triumph won, but the Ural stayed on my "want" list.

I found this particular bike in Boxborough, MA at the AlphaCars and Motorcyles dealership. It's a 2010 model and I bought it in 2016 with only 18 kilometers (roughly 11 miles). Sadly the previous owner had bought it to be a collectible, but was subsequently put into a nursing home and no longer had any use for it.

I flew out to Massachusetts with my brother in law and we road tripped it back to Chicago. This was the first time I ever rode a sidecar bike and I don’t recommend this method of learning.


Tons of storage

Not many bikes can fit three people

I have a tow hitch on it

You get more looks on this, than the R8

When I take my dog to the beach, he's dry by the time we get home

Everyone wants to ride it, but it's not easy, so they don't ride it too long


With two chunky monkeys in it doesn't cruise at highways speeds easily