Every house I've lived in, I've had a section in my garage to work on my DIY Projects. Fortunately in 2018, I moved into my dream home that had the space for me to build my Dream Garage!

Since College, I have always played around with cameras and film, and believed this would be the perfect project to document and share with the world. Once my Dream Garage was finished, I moved straight into rebuilding the cheapest 2004 VW R32 I could find, with the goal of building it into a fun driver as well as a track car. I have definitely learnt a lot from both projects, and naturally, there are somethings I would like to change.

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Before and After

4 Month Dream Garage Build in 10 Minutes - MY $40,000 DREAM GARAGE Pt. 16. NewAge, Sonic, Obsessed

Decluttering - Pt 1

Ran Into Problems - Pt 2

Sonic Tool Cabinets - Pt 3

Best Scissors Lift - Pt 4

Organizing My Tools - Pt 5

Griots Compact Creeper - Pt 6

Cleaning Supplies - Pt 7.1

More Organizing - Pt 7.2

New Pressure Washer - Pt 8

Missing Piece Arrived - Pt 9

2 in 1 Car/Bike Lift - Pt 10

More Cabinets... - Pt 11.1

NewAge Bold 3.0 - Pt 11.2

Worse Creeper - Pt 12

NewAge Pro 3.0 - Pt 13

Shed to Store the Rest - Pt 14

Garage Tour - Pt 15

Build In 10min - Pt 15

Lets Light It Up! - Pt 17