CLASS - Dual Sport Motorcycle

COLOR - Pearl Vigor Blue

ENGINE POWER - 43.5hp @ 6400 rpm

ENGINE TORQUE - 39.8 ft-lbs @ 4600 rpm


ENGINE CONFIGURATION - Four Stroke, Single Cylinder, SOHC, 4 Valves Per Cylinder

DRIVETRAIN - 1x2 Chain Drive

TRANSMISSION - 5 Speed Manual

CURB WEIGHT - 324 lbs

WIDTH - 34.1"

HEIGHT - 47"

LENGTH - 88.8"


STATUS - Owned

Prior to buying this bike, I did a 2,000-mile trip around California on a bigger 1200cc adventure bike. While speaking with the rental shop owner I asked him what bike would be suitable for riding around the world. He didn't suggest a model, but rather described the perfect bike having the following features: small and nimble, parts widely available throughout the world, smaller and cheaper engine (650cc vs 1200cc). Many people think a giant BMW 1200GS would provide a better adventure, but it turns out smaller and cheaper is the way to go!

Keeping these features in mind, the DR650 seemed to fit the bill perfectly! Since owning the bike, I'v done the Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail (known as the TWAT) twice. I got the bike with 11k miles on it and have put roughly 25k on it and have not had a single issue!


Powerful, both off-road and highways

Easy to work on

Comfortable riding position

Endless customization possibilities

Definitely lives up to the "bush pig" title it was given

Can carry a lot - I'm 300lbs and I still carry about 150lbs of gear and have never had an issue


Need to upgrade gas tank size

I had to lower it, because I'm 5'7"