Lots of time, research and comparison went into my Dream Garage build (something I have been planning for years) and my Toy Collection (always changing, but stable at the moment), and I am extremely proud of both!

I don't believe that either are final, as I do get bored rather quickly, but I approach every purchase/lease - I lease my daily drivers - like I will own it for 10 years.  

Currently, my Dream Garage is everything I have always wanted; its a dedicated place to work on projects without having to clean up everyday, while still being able to park my cars at night. There will always be a few things I wish my garage has, but those wishes can be for my next Dream Garage build!

My Dream Garage Build

4 Car Garage, 900 square feet, Sonic Tools, Sonic Tool Storage, NewAge Bold and Pro Cabinets, Twin Busch Car Lift, and more...

My Toys

Slow to fast, 0 to 4 wheels, cheap to expensive, practical to pointless, but they are all fun! Check out the next page to see what I have and ask any questions you have!