200 - YAMAHA TW200

CLASS - Motorcycle

COLOR - Silver

ENGINE POWER - 16hp @ 8000 rpm

ENGINE TORQUE - 11 ft-lbs @ 6500 rpm


ENGINE CONFIGURATION -air-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke single

DRIVETRAIN - 1x2 Chain

TRANSMISSION - 5 Speed Manual

CURB WEIGHT - 260 lbs

WIDTH - 32.3"

HEIGHT - 44.1"

LENGTH - 82.3"


STATUS - Owned

I never pictured myself ever getting a TW200. I have always thought they are ugly bikes. That being said, when I decided I was going to start off-roading/ overlanding/boondocking with a camper I knew I needed something to scout the trails before heading down.

The first scout bike I thought about was the TW200. It's light enough to put on the back of my camper, it can go highway speeds if possible and if I really get in a pickle this thing is like a mule and will never get stuck.


Function of looks. Now I think its sexy!


Great Payload


Pretty sure it can get stuck

Fun and nimble  


Really needs a 6th gear..