This page highlights fellow car enthusiasts and folks who have helped me build my Dream Garage in and around the Chicagoland area. Links to their social media pages or contact information is listed below if you want to check them and their work out!



I first discovered _Xtalgic's YouTube channel, with his video “I Broke My Quad After Rebuilding It For A Year”. His editing style and story telling really made this video and all of his content really stand out.

Elia and I have developed a good friendship and I really appreciate his passion he has for film creation.




After a uniquely weird experience with a random photographer, I decided Instagram might be a better route to find the right "car photographer" in the Chicago car community. Tim has proven to be that right photographer.

I was looking to have professional photos taken of the R8 and scheduled a session with Tim. I wanted to tie in my love for water into this photoshoot, so we hit up a local beach on Lake Michigan in December. It had recently snowed and Lake Michigan was being ornery that day - 8ft waves - this shoot was going to be a challenge!

Tim's showcased his skills, as he was working with nature, a supercar owner, and the freezing weather. All of the photo's are truly epic!

I've since used Tim for a couple more shoots, which you will see throughout this website. I highly recommend Tim if you are looking to capture some incredible photos of you car!



I met Paul through while out with Elia (_Xtalgic) and Tim (TimBro) and discovered he works at MPC, which means only one thing - he is a car guy, just like me!

Paul's other passion is photographing cars and has a great Instagram page that documents all of his work, along with his weekend adventures in his V10 BMW M5!




While I believe I can work and fix anything, I know that I am not a professional! That's how I found Stan the Man. I had completely rebuilt my Scrambler and wanted a professional to give it the "once over" and Stan gave it his stamp of approval. I haven't come across many professional's who are willing to cross T's and dot I's on home enthusiast projects.

Stan has since worked on many projects for me, either projects I don't have time for, or when I know that it is outside of my wheelhouse and I want it done right!




After purchasing my R8, I wanted to install a much louder European exhaust - MPC were the only shop that returned my call.

Not only did they import the exhaust, they installed it without hassle. MPC has done a couple different projects for me, and I will use them for any future projects as well. Theo and his team, definitely make life much easier for me and my R8!




Andrew and I met a mutual friends house while watching a football game. We first struck up a conversation over the fact that we are both foreigners and it turns out that Andrew owns a garage building company!

Moral of the story...always go to your buddies house when you get invited, you never know who you are going to meet!




Not much else to say about Homer, other than he's a great guy that does outstanding work at a fair price!