AUDI R8 RWS 2018

CLASS - Supercar (1 of 999)

COLOR - Daytona Gray Pearl Effect

ENGINE POWER - 532hp @ 7800 rpm

ENGINE TORQUE - 398 ft-lbs @ 6500 rpm



DRIVETRAIN - Rear Wheel Drive


CURB WEIGHT - 3,505 lbs

WIDTH - 76.4"

HEIGHT - 48.8"

LENGTH - 174.3"

WHEELBASE - 104.3"

STATUS - Owned

Truth be told, the R8 has always been my wife's dream car, so when we could afford a supercar, there was minimal convincing needed! Coincidentally at that time, Audi was releasing the RWS (rear wheel drive series) and only 320 were coming to America. I figured there was a .5% chance this car would become a collector and go up in value, so that factored into my purchase. This logic has not yet been proven, as Audi subsequently decided to re-release this limited edition every year - making it no longer "limited." Essentially Audi gave all of us early adopters the middle finger.

Despite all of this, I love to drive my Audi R8 RWS. The power alone is unparalleled and makes me second guess why anyone actually needs a supercar - in terms that it has more power than I will ever be able to take advantage of!


People look at you in it - maybe this is a con

Cheaper than other R8 models

Valet keeps the car out front when you go to restaurants

Considered the best "daily driver" supercar

Rear Wheel Drive creates conversation among car guys

For a supercar, it's not low and I've never scraped the bottom - there is no front lift button


Very low for a big guy like me

The blue on my jeans rubs off on my red seats, so I now have purple seats

No touch screen navigation, and CarPlay doesn't work all the time

Car insurance is through the roof

No good place to put your cell phone