CLASS - 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck

COLOR - Shadow Black

ENGINE POWER - 365hp @ 5000 rpm

ENGINE TORQUE - 421 ft-lbs @ 2500 rpm



DRIVETRAIN - Four Wheel Drive

TRANSMISSION - 10 Speed Auto

CURB WEIGHT - 4,730 lbs

WIDTH - 79.9"

HEIGHT - 76.9"

LENGTH - 231.9"

WHEELBASE - 145.0"

STATUS - Leased

My previous daily driver was a 2015 BMW 5-Series with the "M" body package and I only put 12k miles over the 3 year lease. As the lease was ending, I was also in the market for a bigger boat, which required more towing power.

I decided the F-150 was the right choice for me over the 1500 Denali - DM me for the reasons why. In the first year with the F-150 I put over 12k miles on it, so either I liked the truck more than the BMW, or it was just a much more practical daily driver for me.

There also doesn't seem to be a day when I don't use the bed of the truck for something. Hands down the best vehicle I've had.


Crazy amount of interior space and the back seats are huge

Back seats completely lift up, so my dog can fit in the back

I got the 36 gallon fuel tank - filling up once per month is nice

Towing capacity is perfect

Who doesn't need 15 cup-holders

You can wear a suit, or construction gear, and you don't look out of place


Turning radius sucks

When towing at 71mph, the truck vibrates - this may be my tow hitch setup

It's black, so all imperfections show up

The driver's seat massage function works intermittently

For some stupid reason it came with summer tires