Anything powered by gas and any project surrounding something powered by gas, gets my mind out of the real world and lets me focus on something I love - its my quiet time!

This page is dedicated to my current and future project builds. There will be times where I’m working on two or three builds at once, so this is a great spot to check back every now and then to see if you’ve missed anything.

VW MK4 R32 - Track and Ice Racing Machine

The VW MK4 R32 has been on my dream car list ever since I first laid eyes on it. In 2010, I ran into the perfect reflex silver, completely stock R32 with only 40,000 miles, but I let it slip away.

Fast forward to 2019 and I still didn't have an R32, but I also didn't have a project. I thought about buying a low mile stock R32, but figured I needed a bigger challenge where I could actually get in "tune" with the car and build it from the ground up.

My search led me to the cheapest R32 for sale in America and I picked it up for $5400. It has 168,000 miles, no service records, 9 previous owners and needs a ton of work! If you are interested, I have a bunch of videos, building my R32 into the perfect trifecta - a fun road car, a track car and lastly, an ice racing machine!

Future Projects

In no particular order, here are some of my future projects:

  • Back in 2006 I started to restore and customize my '68 VW Beetle... Just like any teenager, the project never got finished. It's been in storage in Wisconsin for probably 10 years now and if memory serves correctly, I'd say the car is 85% done. Lets hope that the years in storage haven't done too much damage...
  • I love motorcycles and I have more than a couple, but my 2010 Ural Taiga Russian sidecar motorcycle is in need of a very unique mod... I want to make the sidecar a personal boat that I can launch in a lake or a river when I go motorcycle camping and explore the water ways too!