NewAge Bold 3.0

Unboxing and Install

During my final stages of my Dream Garage Build I realized I needed more garage cabinets.... So I wanted to take the opportunity so do myself a favor and maybe help you guys out... When looking at setting up my garage I was first going to go with New Age Cabinet that are sold at Costco but ended up going for Sonic Cabinet which are 6x the price.

6 Month Review

NewAge Bold 3.0 Cabinet Review - My thoughts after 6 months! Well guys, I've had my New Age Bold 3.0 Cabinet for a while now, and I must say that are the Cheapest and Best Cabinets for the money!

NewAge Bold vs Pro

I bought both the Bold and pro cabinets about 6 months ago in order to do this review… Since I have had them and used them for a while now, here is my comparison both with the specs and with my own thoughts!