Sonic Tools MSS Cabinets

Sonic Tools and Cabinets Review

Thanks for tuning in! Here are my thoughts thoughts on the Sonic Tools. Keep in mind if you are a Tech Student you can receive financing and student discount of 35% while you are a student and 90 days after graduation.

Cleaning for Sonic Cabinets

Dream Garage Build Starts Now! Decluttering my garage to make way for my New Sonic Tool Cabinets! In this video I start by cleaning all the clutter out of my Garage to make space for all my new goodies from a bunch of different companies, Matt Moreman from Obsessed Garage, Sonic Tools and their toolbox all to create my new shop.                                                                                                                              

Installing Sonic Cabinets

After looking at snap on, mac tools, icon, I ran into Sonic Toolboxes from Obsessed Garage and really love their draw foam inserts so I decided to go with Sonic Tools Installing my Sonic Tool Cabinets, I Ran into some Problems! You see my garage has this weird concrete border around the whole garage, all my houses here is the midwest have had them, I don't know why but Sonic doesn't have a solution for this... but I figure something out!

I wish I knew this first

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying $20,000 Sonic Cabinets! $20,000 is A LOT of money, so make sure you watch and listen to everything I bring up in this video! Sonic Tools and Cabinets seem GREAT but some attention to detail is needed!