Wax on, wax off...when I got my first car at 16, I was obsessed about keeping it clean. I would clean it once a week and once a month my true OCD would come out when I removed each wheel to clean the inside of each rim! The older I got, it was far easier to go to a car wash, but finding a reliable car wash isn't easy, waiting times in Chicago can also hit north of 1 hour and I am a millennial, so I never have cash to tip!

Now that I have my Dream Garage finished, this will be my first summer handling all my car washes! I also went a little crazy and bought a bunch of products and accessories to try, so be sure to hit the links below to hear my thoughts and experiences!


Cleaning shampoos, sprays, clays and more


Pressure washers, spray wands and more


The support products that help out