My first foray into wall organization were some stainless steel shelves I found on Amazon - they looked good, but didn't provide the flexibility I was looking for. After some tireless searching, I was hit with an Instagram ad for the OmniWall Organization solution. On initial look, this solution seemed to have the flexibility I was looking for and they even had a pretty extensive starter pack...2 clicks later, I had an order confirmation in hand, and a few days later the boxes arrived!

Hit the links below to see my 5 part series that range from unboxing, installation and organizing...spoiler alert, I may have made a 2nd or 3rd purchase of OmniWall products as the flexibility they provide is that amazing!

Unboxing and Installing - Pt 1

Installation Guide - Pt 2

Versatile Power Tool Storage - Pt 3

Socket and Wrench - Pt 4

Work Bench Clean Up - Pt 5

Detail Closet Clean Up! - Pt 6