You know the saying, diamonds last forever? Well so do tools (at-least the wrenching type) and sometimes they cost as much as diamonds too! If you've found your way to my website, I'm sure you have a collection of tools, or are looking to augment or upgrade that collection. I created this page to help make that manvestment easier for you, by showing the good, the bad and the ugly when it come to all the different tools out there!

Wrenching Tools

Sockets, Wrenches, Flashlights, etc

Indoor Power Tools

Power Tools, Bits, Drill Bits, etc

Outdoor Power Tools

Battery Tire Inflator, Leaf Blower, etc

Shop Tools

Shop Carts, Grinder, Shop Vac, etc

Must Haves

Everything you didn't know you needed

Weird & Wonderful

Genius and versatile tools