- VW (MK4 R32) -

Hey guys, this is just an area where I put all the accessories I have on my R32 camper. If you are looking for videos on these products. Head over to my YouTube Channel R32 Playlist right (Here)



Auxiliary Lights


Illuminate ditches and everything your forward-facing lights don't.

Auxiliary Lights


Front facing light bar that can be mounted on your roof, or front bumper.


Grab Handle Tray


Place for my wife's cellphone when driving

Lock'er Down Gun Safe


Keep Your Pew Pew Safe!

Window Tie Down Strap


Keep that Windshield Down!

OEM Weather Mat


Keep them carpets clean!

Door Sill Guards


Reduce on door sill scratches!

Rubber Tubing


Reduce on Scratches! 25' of tubing


Key Chain


Liked the red and the clip!

Retractable Bedstep


Helps me get in the back of the truck!

Bulletproof Phone Mount


I got the passenger side one

Dual phone and Camera Holder


Nav Screen Protector


Help with the finger prints!