Beadlock Texas Pecan - Medium Roast Coffee

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f you are out on the trail or headed to the off-road park for the weekend, there are two things you will need, Beadlocks and Gearhead Coffee’s Beadlock Texas Pecan.  This small batch roast uses natural pecan oil to give this sweet, rich flavored coffee a subtle hint of pecan.  Equally important, imagine waking up to the aroma of this handcrafted coffee!  While the coffee will get you up on the trail, it’s the beadlock wheels that will keep you going.  Developed 40 years ago by Marsh Racing, the beadlock wheel was originally designed for the Dodge Military Truck.  These wheels were dubbed the “combat wheel” and kept tires and wheels from dismounting under the harshest conditions.  Today you will find beadlocks on all types of vehicles such as Jeeps, trophy trucks, rock crawlers and utv’s.  So next time you hit the trail, make sure your beadlocks are torqued and your Gearhead Coffee Beadlock Texas Pecan is in the bag!

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